Do you want to further your photographic knowledge but never seem to find the time?
I offer one-on-one classes in digital or film-based photography at a pace that works for you.

My lessons provide many options for the emerging photographer with the assumption that you know your basic camera controls and would like to further your photographic experience.

The following classes are available:

  • Overview—Finding your individual path as a photographer. This is a well-rounded approach that is assignment driven exploring many different photographic genres.
  • Documentary photography—working with a non-profit on individual projects.
  • Identity and self—life-based photography.
  • Advanced—independent longer term projects.

There will be some creativity coaching involved as well as writing exercises. Writing can enhance photographic meaning even if it doesn't accompany a photograph. The fact that the photographer wrote something throws him/her into greater overall awareness.

Contact me for information regarding class cost.


Ginny is a talented instructor who knows how to teach a student to approach the subject of her camera and to explore it from many angles. Her digital class was a thorough learning experience that included how to edit one’s photos and file them on the computer surrounded by an atmosphere of encouragement and praise.
-Kelly Garland

Ginny was patient and shared her knowledge of the history of photography, photographers and how to use digital cameras. When it came to working out our projects/exercises for the class and gallery exhibit, Ginny was one hundred percent supportive in helping us think of creative ideas.
-Ruanda Morrison

Ginny was a remarkable instructor. Her communication skills were exceptional in that she was able to respond, positively, to a large variety of students, some with no camera skills to those who were advanced. Likewise, she was very adept in communicating with students from different cultural and economic backgrounds.
-Deenalynn Sackman