Photography has been a means for me to explore ideas of identity, gender and masquerade through extensive self portraiture, photographs of a female model, my drag queen friend, along with mannequins.


The people I photograph are characters to me in a literary sense. I am concerned with attitude, setting, and description. These photographs are orchestrated by me, allowing a spontaneous response to come from the individual. Color, texture, props, clothing and background combine with the pose itself. Sometimes, I have a narrative in mind. At other times, I follow a person's lead and innate knowing. I like to pair two or more images together to tell a larger story of each photo shoot. Improvisation and performance are important to me. Photography is a way for me to express the inherent beauty I see in a person.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me for prices. Also, if you would like to talk about an upcoming assignment, story or project, please contact me.